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Assignment Name: Developing Design Manual for Low Cost Bridges/Culverts in Flood Proofing Project (FPP), Financed by CARE.


Country: Bangladesh

Location within the Country: All over Bangladesh.



Professional staff provided by our Firm:

No. of Staff: 5

No. of Staff-Months: 16

Name of the Client: CARE, Bangladesh



Start Date (month/year):


April, 2001


Completion Date (month/year):


Aug. 2001


Approx. Values of Services:††


Tk. 0.934 million


Name of the Associated Consultants, if any:NONE††††††


No. of Months of professional staff provided by associated Consultants:Nil


Name of Senior Staff Involved and Functions Performed:


1.†† Mr. M.A. Sobhan†††††††††† -†††††††††† Advisor

2.†† Mr. Lutfor Rahman†††††††† -††††††††† Project Co-ordinator

3.†† Mr. Sabbir Siddique††††† -†††††††††† Training Specialist

4.†† Mr. Alamgir Hossain††††† -†††††††††† Design


Narrative Description of Project:


Flood Proofing Project (FPP) is a 5 years project under the umbrella of Integrated Food Security Program (IFSP). This program is funded by the USAID. The goal of IFSP is to promote and protect the food and livelihood security of vulnerable groups in under developed/high-risk rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. The project is being implemented in two different flood environment areas i.e. in char and haor areas. The project has planned and designed rural infrastructures to be implemented in this flooding environment. As per FPP policy, the existing village roads or approach roads are to be improved to facilitate communication as well as refuge for the people of concerned areas. Appurtenant bridges/culverts will be constructed in the improved roads. Mainly four types of bridges are planned to be constructed: i) Low cost portable bridge ii) Low cost footbridge iii) Box culvert and iv) Pipe culvert or U drains.


Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by our Company:


Review all design & drawings, road structure design manual, visit FPP sites, explore the scope to adopt the local technology and indigenous material in planning and design, to develop a design manual describing site and type selection procedures, prepare software for designing, cost estimating of all mentioned structures, conducting 2 days training to orient 30 staff of CARE, LGED and PNGO on software, design and drawings.



Firmís Name: Design Planning & Management Consultants Ltd.