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Assignment Name: Impact Assessment Study of Coastal Embankment Rehabilitation Project (CERP-II, Package S-15), Financed by IDA Credit No. 2783-BD


Country: Bangladesh

Project Location within the Country: Southern Part of Bangladesh (Coastal Area).

Professional staff provided by our Firm:

No. of Staff: 3

Name of the Client: Bangladesh Water Development Board, WAPDA Building, Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000.


No. of Person-Months: 12

Start Date (month/year):


Sept. 2002


Completion Date (month/year):


Dec. 2002


Approx. Values of Services:


Tk. 3.095 million


Name of the Associated Firms, if any:        

Development Planners & Consultants (DPC) and                 Associated Consulting Engineers (Bangladesh) (ACE) Ltd.


No. of Person-Months of professional staff provided by associated firm:  14


Name of Senior Staff Involved and Functions Performed:


1.   Dr. Muhamad Alamgir    -           Team Leader

2.   S. Dara Shamsuddin      -          Environmentalist

3.   Dr. Arun Kumar Saha     -           Agronomist

4.   Syed Abdur Rahman     -           Forestry Specialist

5.   Abdul Majid Khan          -           Coastal Engineer


Detailed Narrative Description of the Project:


CERP II completed rehabilitation of 21 seriously 1991 Cyclone Damaged Project with the assistance of World Bank (WB), European Commission (EC) and Saudi Fund for Development (SFD). Impact Assessment Study (IAS) was initiated by the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), to conduct/assess how far the main objectives of the CERP II project was achieved in respect of (i) Agriculture, farm incomes, farm level employment for different categories of people (land owners, share croppers, landless destitute women, etc.) (ii) Income of people involved in embankment maintenance activities in embankment and foreshore afforestation, (iii) Beneficiaries of activities funded by the Communities Development Fund, (iv) Fisheries, (v) Embankment Protection, and (vi) Access of Community Participation, Specially Women, in decisions making process with project group and local organisation.


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by our Staff:


The study was undertaken in four sample polders namely Polder 40/2 Patherghata, 59/2 Ramgati and 70 Matharbari under CERP II and Polder 64/1B Banshkhali outside CERP II. The Consultant studied previous ‘Benchmark’ studies of the above polders. Collected field data on agriculture, forestry, engineering, environment, fisheries, women and socio economic aspects covering all the study subjects mentioned above through field survey and participatory process. They studied effectiveness of innovative design of CERP II, increase in agriculture production, increase/decrease in fisheries, effect of foreshore forestry on embankment, environmental changes, present institutional arrangements, socio economic studies and finally achievement of CERP in general. The study finally ended at assessment of Economic Internal Rate of Return (EIRR) and Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) based on present market value. A detailed report was submitted incorporating all the above aspects of the study which was approved by the BWDB.



Firm’s Name: Design Planning & Management Consultants Ltd.