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Assignment Name: Feasibility Studies for Integrated Water Resources Management of Chalan Beel Area including Beel Halti Development Project.



Location within the Country:Greater Rajshahi district.


Duration of Assignment: 18 months


Name of the Client:Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)

Professional Staff Provided by our Firm:

No. of Staff: 2

No. of Staff-Months: 23††††††

Start Date (Month/Year):


March 2006

Completion Date: (Month/Year):


Aug. 2007

Approx. Values of Services:


Tk. 8.25 million


Name of Associated Consultants, if any:

Engineering and Planning Consultants Ltd. (EPC)

Bangladesh Engineering & Technological Services Ltd. (BETS)

Kranti Associates Ltd.


No. of Months of Professional Staff Provided by Associated Consultants: 71



Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:


Md. Abdul Khaleque -Sr. Planning Engineer

M. Badiuzzaman††††† -†† Economist


Narrative Description of the Project:


This is a study project. The project area extends from Naogaon-Mohadevpur road and Santahar-Mohimganj railway line in the north and Ganges left bank in the south. The western boundary is the west Barind Tract whereas the Nagarbari-Bogra highway forms the eastern boundary. The gross area of the project is 6,30,000 ha.

The proposed study would be an integrated approach to address the issues like: Flood and disaster management, integrated water resources management, conjunctive use of surface and ground water for irrigation, mitigating adverse EIA of past project, preservation of bio-diversity, promotion of culture fisheries & allowing flood plain fisheries, flood forecasting and flood proofing etc.††


Description of Actual Services Provided by our Staff:


Analysing hydrological data, comprehensive studies to assess the benefit of the project including agriculture, navigation & fisheries, reduce damages to agriculture by flood control and improving drainage. Establish design criteria and planning concepts, prepare project layouts. feasibility level engineering design and drawings of relevant project components, design of embankment, regulators including flood frequency analysis and the associated risks of failure, preparation of costs estimate of project works, preparation of proposal for improving drainage, water management, project implementation and institutional infrastructures in the area, preparation of integrated water management plan for Chalan Beel area. Conduct assessment of benefit for relevant project alternatives and appraisal of project worthiness in terms of economic viability including farm budgets, crop budget, BCR, NPV, internal rate of return and sensitivity analysis including switching value.

The consultant will interact with Mathematical Modelling & Topographic Survey Consultant and SIA & EIA Consultants to utilize the results of model and topographic survey and SIA & EIA for the study as and when required.†††



Firmís Name: Design Planning & Management Consultants Ltd.