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DPM design and implement hydraulic structures like reservoirs, dams, lift irrigation, channels etc. Collection and analysis of all available field data & map, field and hydrological survey, soil and agro-socio economic survey; study of all hydrological aspects including flooding, irrigation and drainage, agricultural aspects including land use and cropping patterns; navigation, fisheries and economic aspects, participatory meeting with the local interest groups and social, environmental impact assessment.

Ongoing Projects:

Institutional Strengthening & Project Management Support under Southwest Area Integrated Water Resources Planning & Management Project, ADB Loan 2200-BAN (SF). Client: BWDB Duration: Feb 2007 - Jan 2014.
Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of Sub-projects under the Small Scale Water Resources Development Project (SSWRDP) in Greater Mymensingh, Sylhet and Faridpur Areas financed by JBIC (Loan No. BD-P57), Proposal Package No. FSDD-03 Client: LGED Duration: April 2009- March 2012.
Technical Feasibility Studies and Detailed Design for Coastal Embankment Improvement Programme under Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery & Restoration Project (BWDB Part), IDA Credit No. 4507-BD Client: BWDB Duration: August 2010- January 2012.

Completed Projects:

Feasibility Study for Integrated Water Management Project of Gangiajuri Haor Area (Main Consultant) Client: BWDB Duration: May 2010- July 2011.
Emergency Rehabilitation Works of Cyclon-AILA Damages in 4 polders of Khulna & Satkhira districts, ADB Loan No. 2200-BAN (SF) Client: BWDB Duration: January 2010- December 2011.
Feasibility Study for West Gopalganj Integrated Water Management Project.
Design & Construction Supervision of hydraulic structures including embankment of Emergency Disaster Damage Rehabilitation Project (Part: E: Water Resources). Client: BWDB Duration: Dec 2007 - June 2010.
Additional Drainage Study to determine a sustainable solution for the drainage problems in the Baggar Dona River Catchments Area under CDSP-III. Client: BWDB Duration: May 2008 - Apr 2009.
Feasibility Study on the Development of Urir Char under CDSP III.
Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of Sub-Projects under Second Small Scale Water Resources Development Sector Project, Loan No. 1831-BAN(SF)/TA No. 3683-BAN. Client: LGED Duration: Feb 2005 – Dec 2008.
Design & Construction Supervision of hydraulic structures including embankment of Emergency Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project (Part D: Water Resources) under ADB Assistance. Client: BWDB Duration: Jan 2005 - Jun 2007.
Design of Fencing and Bank Protection of DND Canal. Client: DWASA Duration: Dec 2006 - Mar 2007.
Feasibility Study for Integrated Water Management Project of Chalan Beel Area including Beel Halti Development Project Client: BWD Duration: March 2006- Aug. 2007.
Updating/Upgrading Feasibility Study of 3 Sub-projects under Group-A. Client: BWDB Duration: Jan 2005 - Sep 2005.
Feasibility Study of Chandpur-Comilla Integrated Flood Control Drainage & Irrigation (FCDI) Project. Client: BWDB Duration: Aug 2003 - Oct 2004.
Assessment of 2004 Flood Damage of Water Sector infrastructures under BWDB. Client: BWDB Duration: Aug 2004 - Nov 2004.
Design & supervision of Water Collection System Using Permeable Pipe under River Bed. Client: BWDB Duration: Dec 2001 - Feb 2002.
Planning, Design & top Supervision of Khulna-Jessore Drainage Rehabilitation Project, financed by ADB Loan No. 1285-BAN (SF). Client: BWDB Duration: Aug 1995 - Dec 2002.
Design & Construction Supervision of hydraulic structures including embankment of 1998 Flood Damage Restoration Project, financed by WFP & IDA Credit No. 2791-BD. Client: BWDB Duration: Mar 1999 - Dec 2001.
Assessment of Flood Damage to BWDB Infrastructures-2000. Client: BWDB Duration: Oct. 2000.
Design & Construction Supervision of infrastructures under Cyclone Damaged Road Rehabilitation Project, financed by OPEC Fund, Loan No. 631P. Client: LGED Duration: Dec 1995 - Jun 2000.
Feasibility Study of Gorai River Restoration Project, Financed by Government of The Netherlands (GoN). Client: BWDB Duration: Oct 1999 - Dec 2000.
1998 Flood Damage Assessment of Water Sector Infrastructure for BWDB, financed by IDA and Aus-Aid. Client: BWDB Duration: Nov 1998 - Jan 1999.
Training Programme of Bangladesh River Survey Project –FAP-24 Client: WARPO Duration: Dec 1998 - Jun 1999.
Preparation of O&M Manual of Teesta Barrage and its Head Regulator. Client: BWDB Duration: Oct 1998 - Oct 1999.
Feasibility Study for Construction of Embankment on Right Bank of the River Atrai in Naogaon District. Client: BWDB Duration: Jun 1999 - Sep 1999.
Feasibility Study of Tarail-Pachuria Flood Control Drainage & Irrigation (FCDI) Project (Phase-I). Client: BWDB Duration: Feb 1998 - Aug 1998.
Design & Supervision of hydraulic structure under Shrimp Culture Component under Third Fisheries Project (Financed by IDA Cr. No. 2146-BD). Client: BWDB Duration: Jun 1993 - Sep 1996.
Consultancy Services for the preparation of feasibility report for construction of Small Barrage on three Minor Rivers: i) The Howrah River of Brahmanbaria District ii) The Juri River of Maulvibazar District iii) The Dahuk River of Panchagarh District Client: BWDB Duration: May, 1990- September, 1992.

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