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Project Name: Design of Fencing and Bank Protection of DND Canal.



Location within Country:Dhaka City


Duration of Assignment (Months):


Name of Client: Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA)


Professional Staff Provided by our Firm:

No. of Staff: 2

No. of Staff-Months: 6

Start Date (Month/Year):


December 2006

Completion Date (Month/Year):


March, 2007


Name of Associated Consultants, if any:


No. of Professional Staff Months Provided by Associated Consultants: NIL


Name of Senior Staff Involved and Functions Performed:


1.Sabbir Siddique†††††††† -†††††††† Design & preparation of Tender Document


Detailed Narrative Description of Project:


DWASA supplies about 220 MLD treated potable water to the city dwellers from Saidabad Water Treatment Plant through DND canal. Some portion of the fencing along two sides of the canal has been damaged. The inhabitants nearby frequently enter into this restricted area and use the canal water for washing, bathing etc. which causes substantial pollution of the canal water. Besides, in some parts of the canal there occurs scouring and erosion. So, it is necessary to protect the bank from scouring & erosion. DWASA has decided to rehabilitate the fencing along the bank of the DND canal with appropriate structure that would serve the purpose. Moreover, design for drainage of disposal of sewage and wastewater of some part of the country side area is to be prepared, because the wastewater from these part of the area is being disposed in the canal.††††††


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by our Staff:


Site Survey, Sub-soil Investigation, preparation of Preliminary Design and Drawing, Detailed Structural Design & Drawings, preparation of Schedule of Items, Bill of Quantities, Estimate of Cost and Tender Document.




Firmís Name: Design Planning & Management Consultants Ltd.