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Assignment Name: Institutional Strengthening & Project Management Support under Southwest Area Integrated Water Resources Planning & Management Project, ADB Loan 2200-BAN (SF)



Location within the Country:In Southwest Region of Bangladesh


Duration of Assignment (Months):


Name of Client: Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)

Professional Staff Provided by our Firm:

No. of Staff: 6

No. of Staff-Months: 171

Address: WAPDA Bhaban, Motijheel C.A. Dhaka


Approx. Value of the Services:

F.C. Tk. 163.76 million

L.C. Tk.134.94 million

(Total: Tk. 298.70 million)

Start Date (Month/Year):

February, 2007


Completion Date(Month/Year):

January, 2014

Name of Associated Consultants, if any:

DHV BV, the Netherlands

Dev Consultants Ltd&

Kranti Associates Ltd.

No. of Professional Staff Months Provided by Associated Consultants: 433


Name of Senior Staff Involved and Functions Performed (indicate most significant profiles such as Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader):

1.††† Md. Alam Miah†††††††††††††† - Hydrologist

2.††† Mohiruddin Ahmed†††††††† - DesignEngineer

3.††† Dr. Aminullah Bhuiyan†† - Fishery Development Specialist

4.††† Shah Ahmed Ali Khan†† - Water Management Association Specialist

Narrative Description of the Project:

The project aims to support BWDB & WARPO and other implementing agencies to fulfil the critical institutional gaps to deliver the intended project outputs while institutionalizing the process of identifying, planning, implementing and managing water resources from an integrated and cross-sectoral perspective with the establishment of viable water management associations. Consultancy services for this project will have a clear exit strategy and create a pool of highly qualified engineers and other staff having participatory and client-oriented management skills, with their acquisition, development and field practice under the project. In general, while the project agencies have technical capacities to design and construct water management structures, the new mandates envisaged under the National Water Policy for effective water management responding to the diverse stakeholder needs while ensuring sustainability, would generally call for changes in the management system and behaviour of the agencies from traditional implementer to genuine service-oriented facilitators, which calls for significant and a long term support. The consultant also support this generic transition process.


Description of Actual Services Provided by our Staff:

The consultants will advice and support to the project organisations in undertaking (i) participatory integrated water management plan preparation in further FCD/I schemes to be selected during implementation, (ii) institutional development of WMAs and JMCs as viable institutions to sustain and enhance project benefits, (iii) operating an integrated approach of management in this context to meet diverse stakeholders concerns, (iv) coordinated delivery of diverse services and structures responding to specific local needs, (v) development of procedures and arrangements for scheme management cycle from IWMP formulation to sustainable O&M, (vi) devising and operating effecting management systems for monitoring & quality control of the process and outputs, (vii) identifying & advising on specific policy, institutional, legal and regulatory actions required by the concerned agencies to operate the above functions, (viii) capacity strengthening of BWDB, WARPO & other implementing agencies to meet their new roles with on-the -job support and (ix) project management with monitoring and quality control.††


Firmís Name: Design Planning & Management Consultants Ltd.